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The International Dyslexia Association supports efforts to provide individuals with dyslexia with appropriate instruction and to identify these individuals at an early age.  The Association believes that multisensory teaching and learning is the best approach currently available for those affected by dyslexia.

The Association, however, does not endorse any specific program, speaker, or instructional materials, noting that there are a number of such which present the critical components on instruction as defined by The Association’s Board of Directors.  As the accreditation initiative moves forward, the Association will, by virtue of its granting “accredited status,” be endorsing certain programs and materials.

Articles, advertising, questions/answers, book reviews, etc., that appear in our newsletter are not necessarily recommended or endorsed by IDA.  Any interested person is entitled to submit for publication in our newsletter.  However, the editor does reserve the right to reject any article or ad that is felt to be inappropriate for publishing.

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